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Group Classes

Opportunity to work out in groups of 12-15 people. Each class is led by a coach with different options for all movements! We meet you where you are at. Even if you are at zero!



We make sure that we are seeing you utilize what you are paying for. If we haven't seen you for a little we will reach out, but you also can't hide from the friends you will meet!



We want you to feel welcomed and a part of the family. We not only get to see each other in the gym, but we try to meet at events in the community as well.


Progress Tracking

We not only track your fitness progress through our app, but we will keep track of body comp as well as skills along the way!


Personal Coaching

Each class is in a group but with the structure of the class you are able to get personal coaching. We make it a point to give you the best coaching as well as the most quality from your membership. 



We make the hour that we get with you the most fun you can have. We understand working out sucks.... it does.... but we want to make it the most fun we can! So we will crank up the jams, cheer you on, and watch you crush every workout. 

I've been at Blue Moon for 11 months now. I'm loving the workouts and finding that drive that's been missing for 20 years (since college). That's a huge credit to Ryan, Emma, the coaching staff and athletes. It's a great place for all levels, competitive athlete, novice or former athlete (in my case) to put in work.The owners and coaches do a phenomenal job with scaling workouts for all athletes, teaching techniques and having some fun in the process. I was skeptical about CrossFit but Blue Moon changed all of that on my first day!

John Wrench

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