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*We will teach you how to eat all the things you love while reaching your goals.*
*We will teach you how to train in a way you enjoy while sustaining a normal lifestyle.*
*We will be here to support you with accountability while teaching you to love yourself again or maybe for the first time in your life.*


Typically one of the three (health changes, FAT LOSS, Performance gains) are what most people are looking for when they come to a nutrition coaching company. This very reason is why we will be the last coaching company you will ever need.

Our founder Chasity Snowden has conquered all three and has designed the FOUNDATIONS IN NUTRITION YOU WILL LEARN based on her life journey.

She took 20 years to conquer and learn these foundations but you will only need a few short months. She conquered Crohns, eating disorders, lost 75 lbs, placed in bikini competitions, and went to the CrossFit games. Now she and her tribe of coaches are teaching you the Foundations and mindset changes she learned during those 20 years in order to build your dreams.

Joining this Tribe will build that permanent lifestyle change you have searching for as well as connect you with a group of people that will believe in whatever dream you have burning in your heart.


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